RollDock vessels can be adapted to a variety of situations and circumstances. All vessels have the option of 3 loading modes providing a flexible and efficient service.

Details of the services provided by RollDock are listed below.

Roll on / Roll off

Roll on / Roll off, via the vessels' ro-ro ramp which is adjustable in height to cope with various quay heights. The height of the cargo is virtually unlimited due to the open hold capability of the vessel.

The height adjustable decks and ramp allow operations in virtually any circumstances up to a capacity of 4,000 mt with a SWL of 1,600 mt.

Float in / Float out

Capable of semi-submersible operations up to a capacity of 7,000 mt and draft of 6 metres.

Lift on / Lift off

Lift on / Lift off, with 2 heavy lift cranes of 350 tons lifting capacity each, and a total of 700 tons lifting capacity when working in tandem.
The combined capacity of the cranes is 700 mt at an outreach of 18 metres.

Total Solutions: Factory to Foundations

There is often more than one solution to the requirement of handling large, oversized or heavy structures or components. Roll Group have the in-house ability to review the available options and provide a full “factory to foundation” solution, whatever the task.

Each and every phase is designed to serve the best interests of our clients – not just once, but for each individual project. The satisfaction of our clients is paramount, and the F2F approach ensures a single point, one stop solution reducing the overall risks to the project.


The engineering capability of the Roll Group companies are at the forefront of everything we do. Our team evaluate every aspect of each project and provide the most efficient, cost effective and practical solution to provide a positive outcome. The experience of our engineering personnel can highlight aspects of the project which may have been overlooked or not accounted for, to ensure each project is completed without any surprises or delays.

Together We Know How

Roll Group companies are modern businesses built on the premise that the needs of our clients must take priority in everything that we do. This focus has enabled us to build an enviable reputation in our respective fields of operation – RollDock in heavy shipping, and Roll-Lift in heavy lifting and specialist transportation. Our refreshing approach and ability to adapt our service in line with the changes imposed by constantly developing projects places us at the forefront of our industry.