BigRoll Bering & BigRoll Beaufort

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Bering & Beaufort

With a length of 173 meters these Module Carriers have an impressive look. The BigRoll Bering and BigRoll Beaufort were specially designed to transport large, heavy modules.


The deck of the MC-Class can be used over the full surface area and offers plenty of space – having a length of 125 meters and a width of 42 meters. The completely flush deck is highly suitable for Ro-Ro and Skid-on / Skid-off operations. Due to the high ballast capacity of 12,000 m3/h, a deck strength of 20 t/sqm combined with the dynamic positioning system, BigRoll provides effective and efficient solutions to both onshore and offshore heavy transport projects.


The BigRoll Bering and BigRoll Beaufort have been operational since 2016 and 2017 respectively.


Our Fleet



With a length of 146m and a width of 32m, the BigRoll Biscay is slightly smaller than the other Module Carriers in the fleet, but has a wider deck space than the RollDock vessels.