Our RollDock Fleet

Our Fleet

Designed to be highly adaptable

RollDock takes care of heavy cargo with an innovative and diverse fleet. The dock-type vessels are highly adaptable due to their three loading methods – Roll-On / Roll-Off, Float-In / Float-Out, Lift-On / Lift-Off – which can be combined in accordance with the prevailing circumstances. The specific characteristics of our RollDock fleet ensure that we have the ability to serve a wide range of markets.


The 142 meter long S-Class vessels RollDock Sun, RollDock Sea and RollDock Sky were designed by our in-house engineering department.


The ST-Class is the second generation of our dock type semi-submersible multifunctional heavy lift transport vessels.

Combi Dock I

The Combi Dock I is part of the pool agreement between RollDock and SAL Heavy Lift, and offers the same loading possibilities as the RollDock vessels.

The benefits of our Dock-type vessels

Our fleet contains six dock type semi-submersible multifunctional heavy lift transport vessels. All have three methods to load and discharge cargo: by Roll-On/Roll-Off, Float-In/Float-Out or Lift-On/Lift-Off. Our fleet has many advantages, which makes our vessels suitable to transport many different cargo, such as modules and ships.


• Suitable for shallow draft waters
• Dock walls offer protection against nature’s element
• Hatch covers offer maximum loading deck and avoid prying eyes on cargoes
• Octopus motion monitoring system ensures limited cargo accelerations
• Power and water supply to cargo and maintenance opportunities during voyage