UAN fertilizer plant expansion

Among other exciting events with the growth of Roll-Lift USA, they are continuing with the UAN fertilizer plant expansion in Donaldsonville, Louisiana. To date 21 barges of project cargo have been unloaded and rolled over the Mississippi River levee to the site.

Of the larger pieces, the Absorber (715mt) on 72 axle lines of SPMTs and the HP Flash Vessel (508mt) on 48 lines were delivered to the hook safely and on time. The levees were not designed for their load bearing capacity and this required specialized engineering for the permits and transport planning. Also required were the construction of a temporary dock and mat road of 600 laminated mats to transition the levee.

Onsite in Donaldsonville the LR11350, LR1600 and an LR1300 continue to work with the plant assembly. Roll-Lift is currently under contract with three different entities on the site continuing to serve the lift and transport needs of the overall project.