ALE and Roll-Lift joint venture


Global heavy-lift and transportation providers ALE and Roll-Lift, have today announced the formation of joint venture ALE Roll-Lift Canada, based in Edmonton, Alberta. The new venture will bring together the very best industry expertise, and combined experience of over 75 years, to provide solutions to clients across Canada.
ALE Roll-Lift Canada will offer heavy-lift and transportation solutions primarily within the oil, energy, mining and petrochemical markets. The company intends to invest in a fleet of heavy-lift cranes from 50te to over 1,000te capacity, lifting systems and specialized transport with the addition of the parent company’s global resources, and their investments into new equipment.

ALE was established in 1983 and has more than 20 offices worldwide, from the Americas to the Far East. ALE works within offshore, oil, gas and petrochemicals, civil, nuclear, power generation, renewables, and shipyard industries. The impressive fleet owned by ALE boasts a range of heavy-lift solutions including the innovative AL.SK world’s largest capacity land based crane fleet, and the Mega Jack, capable of lifting in excess of 60,000te.

Roll-lift was established in 2011 by a team of industry experts and headed up by Frans van Seumeren who has a long term proven track record in the heavy-lift industry. The company has already established itself in Russia and Latin America, and is expanding into new territories offering solutions to the oil, gas, petrochemical, offshore, power and civil markets. Roll-Lift and its sister company RollDock have been operating since 2006 and has developed and invested in heavy-lift vessels for worldwide project cargo.

The joining of two companies, such as ALE and Roll-Lift, whom share the same core values in health and safety and innovation will truly bring the Canadian market a first class solution provider. The new venture will combine the expertise and equipment inventory of the separate companies under the new joint venture business.

Bas Bronder, Vice President at ALE Roll-Lift Canada said: “I am very excited about the joint venture that will see ALE and Roll-Lift working together in Canada. Together we can make a difference and add something to the market that is new and refreshing. With innovation at our core, our clients have the best solutions at their fingertips.”
Mark Harries, Global Managing Director at ALE said “This joint venture will see the combining of industry experts and the latest innovations within the heavy-lift and transportation market. The extensive experience and proven track record that is combined within ALE Roll-Lift Canada will truly provide an alternative heavy-lift contractor for complex and major projects.”

Wout van der Zwan, CEO at Roll-Lift said “As a modern company we understand the importance of being agile within the industry. Our philosophy of not believing in limitations is highlighted in the decision to join forces with ALE to offer clients the ultimate in heavy-lift and transportation solutions within Canada.”
The new business will begin operations in early 2013 and is expected to invest C$ 50million within the next two years.

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