RollDock orders 2 vessels with FSG for delivery end 2013 and middle 2014

RollDock is proud to announce that it has ordered the construction of two more semi-submersible ro-ro vessels that are due to join its fleet in 2014.

The two semi-submersible heavy-lift vessels are planned to be part of RollDock’s fleet expansion into the larger vessel market that will cater for customer demands in the area of larger, wider and heavier cargo.

The two latest heavy-lift vessels from RollDock follow on from the same design as the

S-Class, but offer larger cargo carrying capabilities. The vessels can be loaded and unloaded in three different ways;

  • Lifting of cargo with the two heavy load cranes up to 700tonnes in tandem.
  • Roll-on/roll of cargo via the adjustable stern ramps and hatch covers which can be adapted to different quay heights in ports and allow the loading or unloading of individual cargo up to about 3,200 tonnes in.
  • Float-in/float out cargo via the stern of the vessel.

The detailed design of the new vessels will be carried out by the Flensburger Schiffsbau Gesellschaft yard based on RollDock’s concepts. The vessels will be constructed at Flensburger Shipyard in Germany and will be delivered from the yard end 2013 and beginning 2014.

The ships when fully laden will be able to achieve a service speed of 16knots and will be propelled by two diesel engines and a double power plant.

The vessels will be 151.50m in length with a width of 25.4m and a deadweight of 8000dwt. Hold dimensions are 119.4 meter long by 19.4 meter wide. Maximum sailing draft fully laden will be only 5.67 meter.

The vessels will also feature ballast water treatment systems and integrated systems that will monitor and control the relevant procedures built into the bridge system. The accommodation block will accommodate 32 persons, this has come about as clients sometimes want to send their own personnel.

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