First steel cut ROLLDOCK STAR

Heavy lift company RollDock Shipping B.V. from the Netherlands celebrated the First Steel Cut last February 4th 2013 at the FLENSBURGER SCHIFFBAU-GESELLSCHAFT mbH & Co in Germany for the first ship out of the 2 vessels ordered last year with the German shipyard.

The first ship “M/V ROLLDOCK STAR” is expected to be delivered in November 2013 and the second ship ” M/V ROLLDOCK STORM” is scheduled for delivery 3 / 4 month thereafter.

Both vessels are Multifunctional Heavy Lift Ships suitable for Ro/Ro, Lo/Lo and Flo/Flo cargoes and almost identical to the already existing vessels “M/V ROLLDOCK SUN” and “M/V ROLLDOCK SEA” be it that the hold of these 2 new vessels is 119,44 m long x 19,40 m wide versus 116,20 x 19 m for the RD SUN & RD SEA. The new vessels will also have a larger dead weight.

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