On the 31th of January the new build ROLLDOCK STORM was launched at FSG (Flensburger Schiffbau-Gesellschaft) in Germany. RollDock is extremely pleased with its high quality built, next generation semi-submersible heavy lift ro-ro vessel.

[b]The launching ceremony[/b] The Launching ceremony and baptizing of the ROLLDOCK STORM was performed by Mrs. Sylvia Wuijts, wife of COO (Chief Operational Officer) Rik Hofsté. "Trust is build by working together and sharing experiences. This is the way in which this vessel is build and this is the way in which she will sail" said mrs. Wuijts. [b]RollDock Shipping[/b] RollDock already operates three similar vessels, being ROLLDOCK SUN, ROLLDOCK SEA and ROLLDOCK STAR. [b]Specifications[/b] ROLLDOCK STORM is equipped with two Liebherr heavy lift cranes of 350 tons, a heavy duty ro-ro ramp with capacity up to 4000 tons weight, at various quay levels. She is able to submerge for loading cargoes such as dredgers, submarines, naval craft. The vessel’s hold is box shaped and measures 119,44 m x 19,40 m allowing large objects to be accommodated on board. Her propulsion consists of 2 MAK 9M32 engines with total installed power of 9000 kW giving a speed of about 17 knots. Operational redundancy is warranted by the fact that the vessel has twin engines, propeller shafts and rudders. Thanks to her shallow draft of maximum 5,67 m fully loaded and maneuverability she is able to call at remote ports with little water depth to load or discharge her cargoes. [b]Sister vessel expected[/b] RollDock expects its fourth vessel to be deliverd in May 2014. Please see the official launching [url= ]here[/url]. << 4 foto's koppelen >>

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