Roll-Lift owns and operates a wide range of plant and equipment to enable us to complete some of the most demanding heavy lifting and specialist transport projects.

Specialist Cranes

For the largest loads, Roll-Lift owns and operates P1800 parallel power boom cranes. This new technology uses twin booms to improve the lifting capability of the crane by up to 70%.

Crawler Cranes

Roll-Lift owns and operates a full array of Crawler Cranes ranging from 300 tonne to 1350 tonne capacity, to cope with the requirements of any project. The expansion and updating of our crane fleet is an ongoing, constantly reviewed process. Both metric and imperial specification sheets are available below for download.


The SPMT’s owned and operated by Roll-Lift are the latest, Scheuerle 4th Generation Trailers, and as our oldest equipment was manufactured in 2012, we operate one of the youngest fleets of SPMT’s in the industry. Our SPMT’s are all fully compatible and can be synchronized as required.

Scheuerle SPMT’s are widely recognized as the most functional, reliable and robust SPMT’s on the market today, with their multi-mode steering system providing maximum flexibility and maneuverability at all times. Various trailer configurations and steering programs can be utilized as required.

Specialist Heavy Haul Trailers

Roll-Lift owns and operates a fleet of Specialist Heavy Haul Trailers, which is constantly evolving to accommodate the needs and requirements of our clients. These include (but not limited to) 3 / 4 axle extendable, 9 axle extendable upto 157ft (48m) and 9 axle road style trailers 133ft (40m).


Roll-Lift's SBL900 Gantry System will allow safe and efficient lifting and positioning of heavy loads in circumstances where the use of traditional cranes is not feasible due to restrictions such as permanent overhead structures, or where manoeuvring space is limited.

Hydraulic Platform Trailer

Our Hydraulic Platform Trailers can be used on public roads or in-plant operations, with the addition of the self driven powerpack attachment. These trailers provide a reliable and cost-effective transport option due to the comprehensive range of accessories available. The trailers comprise of an extremely rigid vehicle frame and can be coupled both longitudinally and transversely.


As a support to our main business activities, Roll-Lift also owns a large amount of Auxiliary Equipment such as Ro-Ro Ramps, Light & Heavy Duty Support Stools, Load Spreading Equipment of 20ft, 25ft, 30ft, 35ft, 40ft, 60ft, and 80ft length (6.0m, 7.6m, 9.1m, 10.7m, 12.2m, 18.3m and 24.4m).