About The Roll Group

The Roll Group was formed by the coming together of a number of well known people from the shipping and heavy lift industries. It is this bringing together which makes it possible for Roll Group companies to distinguish themselves by means of their flexible, intelligent and creative approach – an approach where the needs of the client will always come first in balance with the interests of the community in regard to health, safety and the environment. Joined up thinking between Roll Group companies ensures our clients benefit from a first class service and the best possible solutions in the market. The ambitious growth and expansion plans of the company provide a solid organization which can be welcomed to the market with all confidence.

People are at the heart of our company, and the Roll Group have invested in first class professionals with extensive experience gained in their respective industries. Engineers and heavy transport experts from a rich variety of backgrounds give the Roll Group the advantage of expert knowledge in any number of fields, and a broad scope of capabilities to provide a suitable solution to any client’s requirement.

The Group operates a large, state of the art fleet of plant, equipment and ships consisting of a wide range of items such as heavy transport vessels, mobile telescopic and crawler cranes, SPMT’s, hydraulic modular platform trailers and prime movers – allowing us to be multi‐functional and deal with any circumstance which may arise. The quality and variety of equipment available to us, coupled with exclusive state of the art engineering software gives us the ability and flexibility to handle even the most complex project.

In recent years the Roll Group has undertaken a number of prestigious projects in a wide range of environments on projects spread across the globe.