Our BigRoll Fleet

Our Fleet

Rely on BigRoll during the harshest conditions

The deck surfaces of all our Module Carriers are completely flush and can be used over the full length and width, with 20 mton/m2. The high ballast capacities result in a reduction of load and discharge times. These benefits in combination with a great seakeeping behavior, excellent engineering support and specifications as DP2 and ice class certification makes BigRoll the preferred partner for transportation of the most valuable cargoes.

Ice class: Bering & Beaufort

With a length of 173 meter the BigRoll Bering and BigRoll Beaufort look rather impressive. Both vessels were specially designed to transport heavy and oversized modules.

DP2: Biscay

With a length of 146m and a width of 32m, the BigRoll Biscay is slightly smaller than the other Module Carriers in the fleet, but has a wider deck space than the RollDock vessels.

The special design of our Module Carriers

Our fleet consists of three Module Carriers. The special design of these vessels ensures multifunctionality. Due to their specific characteristics the BigRoll vessels are ideal to transport a wide range of cargoes, such as modules, windmill blades and port cranes.


• Built according to Finnish Swedish 1A Ice Class
• High ballasting capacity to reduce load and discharge time
• Low fuel consumption
• Great seakeeping behaviour to minimize acceleration forces on the cargo
• DP2 equipped (one vessel), other two are DP2 prepared